Helping Families Embrace Autism Spectrum Disorder

     Beyond the Spectrum is dedicated to creating possibilities and hope for families and individuals touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder  & Developmental Delays. Together through hard work, determination, compassion and proven research we can improve the  quality of life for each  individual and their family.

​Our approach to therapy and coaching is characterized by focusing on the WHOLE person encompassing mental, social, and  the emotional wellbeing of each individual. Our parent training is interactive useful and can be applied to real life  experiences for all caregivers. Our real life approach to therapy encourages communication, language and ongoing interactions with peers and adults in any context at any time.  Our  centre based Social Studio  creates relevant raw opportunities for each individual  to create a friendship  with another individual  based on their commonalties, connection and interests. We encompass the theory of Applied Behaviour Analysis as well as, Intensive Behavioural Intervention, Natural Environment

T​eaching, Pivatol Response Training, Relationship Development Intervention,  Early Start Denver Model, essential basic life,  social and community skills. Our approach is  based on your child's individual needs and interests that help foster their developmental success during intervention and throughout their daily lives.​


With our support, our children integrate effectively into appropriate school placements; be it mainstream schooling or a vocational program we are here to aid in the your child's progress.

We encourage family and parent participation in therapy sessions, to stimulate the skills developed through intervention, in your child's day to day interactions.  Beyond the Spectrum works alongside your family to create and provide the best therapy model best suited to your child's needs.​​