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I have worked with many families to get funding to support  treatment plans . In my experience it can be overwhelming once a diagnosis is present how to possibly get funds to support your child's treatment program. Check out these options they may be able to give you more information and  help if you qualify.

Click on the links provided to access information and application forms for government grants and funding opportunities for your child. All funding options below are fully accessible to use for programs through Beyond The Spectrum


Access Info & Forms

Learn about the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) and support for children with autism. Find out how to register for the program and get information about funding and service options.
Registration form

Your child may be eligilbe for the child disability tax credit (DTC)if not already granted or upon proper diagnosis. Visit Service Canada for more information or click the link below.

Starting a RDSP for your child the government will match your funds per year up to $3500 if you qualify. Visit Service Canada for more information for more information or click the link below.
Savings and pension plans

Special Services At Home SSAH
Application Form:

Ontario Disability Support Program ODSP: 18+
Information & Application Form:

Child Disability Tax Benefit:

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

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