Each individual is unique, our program plans are based on the development of a initial observation and assessment inclusive with the caregivers to determine a program plan that is best suited for each individual. We highlight their strengths and teach new skills to increase communication, social development, cognitive development, intrapersonal skills, daily living, and increase positive behaviours. 

  • Direct 1:1 ABA/IBI sessions

  • Parent coaching and training

  • Life skills training

  • Community based therapy

  • Family Assessment

  • VB Mapp assessment

  • ABLL-R assessment

  • AFLS assessment

  • PRT &ESDM therapy programs

  • Direct Relationship Intervention


  • Functional living skills across multiple environments​

  • Communication/language training

  • Social development training

  • Social Skype & Peer Mentoring

  • Early intergration into schools and private childcare settings

  • Behaviour management

  • Daily correspondence via phone or email

  • College Preperation & ongoing mentoring 

  • Vocational Skills Coaching

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